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Curating Tomorrow can help you identify and focus on your challenges and concerns; imagine a range of desirable futures; scope out potential ways to address your challenges and concerns drawing on all the resources you have at hand (or near at hand); help put plans in place to address your challenges and concerns; and build strategies for growing your influence, confidence and sharing your story.

Depending on the circumstances, work might be desk-based, face-to-face, one-to-one, working with individuals or teams, developing and/or facilitating workshops, remote-working, writing for you or on your behalf, working outside your organisation on your behalf, or combinations of these ways of working.

Vision and mission

  • Working with you to identify and clarify the difference that you want to make to the world, the pathways to getting there, and the landscape of policies and agendas that you could contribute towards
  • Working with you to develop and help you achieve your vision, through careful strategic planning directed to transformational results
  • Working with you to craft your story, and to shape that for different stakeholder groups

Strategy and planning

  • Working with you to identify your key strengths, challenges, opportunities, weaknesses and threats, and identifying strategies to address these, and to sustain yourself and your organisation
  • Understanding the political, social, environmental and ethical landscape you operation within, or could operate in
  • Working to ensure your policies are developed in a way that helps enable partnerships with other sectors, through cross-sectoral alignment
  • Help you view the whole and not the sum of the parts

Key partnerships and relationships

  • Developing strategies for relationship building, and developing key partnerships
  • Help build coalitions of museum staff and partners directed towards positive results

Playing your part

  • Helping you ‘find the debate’ that you want to participate in, and to play your part in creating positive change
  • Developing or shaping conferences and other opportunities to galvanise partnerships and create collective change, and to play the part that you want to play in creating the future
  • Help shape, contribute to or direct advocacy campaigns
  • Help shape, contribute to or lead on publications that help shape or spread your message
  • Help you contribute to and play your part in high-level initiatives, whether those be the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, Convention of Biological Diversity, or other relevant policies and agendas

Sustaining your organisation and positive change

  • Contributing to funding bids directed towards positive social and environmental outcomes (and preferably both)
  • Helping develop your staff, in teams and collectively, to empower them to play their full part in creating the future
  • Help you identify what activities are getting in the way of you achieving your vision and mission. Stopping doing things can be hard to do, but it is sometimes necessary
  • Help you identify self-sabotaging behaviour and activities

Understanding the significance and potential of your collections, and promoting their sustainable use for positive outcomes

  • Review your collections and other resources to understand their potential to address external challenges, and to help develop strategies to maximise their impact to achieve positive results
  • Help curate your collections and collections-related information
  • Develop the external use of your collections and other resources for the purposes of research (academic and other)
  • Help shape collections-based projects directed to positive results
  • Help develop projects that are equally about engagement and collections

Promoting education and learning for a sustainable future, and promote cultural participation for all

  • Help interpret and shape interpretation of your museum, collections and other resources to help achieve positive social and environmental outcomes
  • Contribute to, review, shape, or lead on exhibitions or events directed towards achieving positive outcomes
  • Help interpret and shape interpretation of your museum, collections and other resources to build their relevance to a wide range of people, with an outcomes-based approach that connects with people as individuals

Recent clients

  • Klimahaus, Bremerhaven
  • Sydney GLAM Group
  • University College London
  • University of Tromsø
  • Inverness Field Club
  • National Science Museum (Daejon, South Korea)/International Symposium of Science Museums
  • Group for Education in Museums
  • Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
  • American Institute of Conservation
  • Share Museums East
  • Harvard University
  • University of Stavanger
  • University of Oslo
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • V&A
  • Australian Museum, Sydney
  • Finnish Museums Association
  • NEMO (Network of European Museum Organisations)
  • The Whitaker, Rossendale
  • National Trust
  • Lower East Side Tenement Museum / Migration Museums Network
  • ICOM Sweden

‘Curating Tomorrow’ is a registered trade mark, operating in two classes of activity:

Education, Providing of training, Entertainment, Sporting and cultural activities (class 41)
  • Museums
  • Museum curator services
  • Museum exhibitions and other services
  • Cultural activities, services
  • Arranging and conducting cultural events and activities
  • Consultancy services relating to academic subjects
  • Organising, arranging and conducting educational courses, presentations, events, lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Advisory services relating to education
  • Consultancy relating to vocational skills training and development of training courses
  • Consultancy services relating to the education and training of management and of personnel
  • Writing and publishing texts other than publicity texts
Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto… (class 42)
  • Environmental consultancy services
  • Advisory services relating to environmental protection
  • Advisory services relating to scientific research
  • Biology consultancy
  • Collection of information relating to the environment
  • Scientific advisory services
  • Scientific research relating to biology and ecology