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‘Nature and Climate Change’ exhibition

Exhibition visualisation
Exhibition visualisation

‘Nature and Climate Change’ is an exhibition of specially commissioned illustrations, with captions, showing how nature is affected by climate change, and how nature can be part of the solution to climate change. The exhibition is suitable for a wide range of formal, informal and non-formal education settings for all ages, including museums, aquaria, zoos, schools, colleges and universities, libraries, or in other educational and/or community settings.

The exhibition is intended to help people understand the impacts of climate change at population, species and community levels; how climate change can be managed through supporting nature (nature-based solutions/ecosystem services); and how nature will need to be conserved while addressing climate change at the same time.

The exhibition draws on recent scientific research on the many ways in which climate change is already affecting biodiversity around the world. The exhibition also draws on applied social sciences research on promoting effective climate change communication and engagement.

The exhibition includes 19 illustrations (six currently in development), and will grow to include more, with separate captions and information for an introductory panel. The exhibition can be hired in its entirety, or smaller numbers of illustrations can be hired at a reduced cost.

The exhibition is offered at a comparatively low cost to promote uptake and support climate empowerment everywhere.

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The exhibition pack is available in two size options to suit your venue.

Option 1 – Large

Pack consists of print-ready artwork for:

  • 1x A0 portrait, exhibition intro panel
  • Your chosen number of A1 landscape, illustration panels
  • Corresponding number of A4 portrait, interpretation panels

Option 2 – Small

Pack consists of print-ready artwork for:

  • 1x A1 landscape, exhibition intro panel
  • Your chosen number of A3 landscape, illustration panels
  • Corresponding number of A5 portrait, interpretation panels

Pricing structure

Duration of exhibition license5
6 – 14
Up to 24 weeks (6 months)£750.00£1000.00£1500.00
25 – 156 weeks (3 years)£1500.00£1750.00£3000.00

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