Curating Tomorrow combines curatorial skills (subject-specialist knowledge, selection, focus, creativity) with coaching skills, strategic thinking, planning, partnership working and delivery. This combination can help maximise the contribution that museums, the heritage sector and other organisations and sectors make to support a thriving society, economy and environment.

Curating Tomorrow for Museums and the Heritage Sector

Museums and heritage sites can be places where people spend some pleasant time enjoying interesting objects and places or with other people, and that is fine. They can also be much, much more, and they often need to be more to fulfil public trust or to build their relevance.

Curating Tomorrow works with you around three areas:

  1. understanding and identifying the real-world challenges in your context (this might be locally, globally, or both).
  2. helping you understand the potential and significance of your collections and other resources, and how these can be enhanced or developed for long-term relevance.
  3. Curating Tomorrow works with you to connect these two things, to help you and others imagine, design and begin to create the future that you want to see. Curating Tomorrow helps you lever your unique resources and strengths, as catalysts and tools for positive change.

Curating Tomorrow also works to empower those working in museums and the heritage sector, to explore what part you want to play in contributing to a better future. It works to help you articulate, communicate, share and amplify your message, and to work with a wide range of stakeholders and partners. Curating Tomorrow helps you create public value that is greater than the sum of the parts. This helps position you, museums and the heritage sector as key players in an ecology of partners, strengthening your purpose, profile and role in society, which can help maintain and secure funding. Curating Tomorrow is about facing the future with confidence, to help museums, the heritage sector and all those who use them to be architects of their own future.

Curating Tomorrow for everyone

Curating Tomorrow is not only for the museums and heritage sector, but applies the museum-based skill of curating to any aspect of work and any sector. In an age of more and more information, and less and less time to process the information, the skill of curating has a great relevance in helping cut through the noise to what is important and relevant, and what is distracting and irrelevant. Having identified what is important and needs attention, Curating Tomorrow works with you with creativity and imagination to explore how to meet your challenges. Curating Tomorrow is also about having a ruthless attention to detail to ensure that intended outcomes have the best chance of being achieved, supporting positive change.

The Vision

Curating Tomorrow is working to achieve a vision of a world where people are healthy and fulfilled, living in communities they are proud to be part of. Where they feel connected at local and global levels, through active participation and exertion of personal choice. Where the economy flourishes in a stable environment, enabling regeneration. Where our green and wild places are full of wildlife, and are valued by people. Achieving this vision will involve both people and nature.

The vision of Curating Tomorrow works to help achieve the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. It works to achieve the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity, where “By 2050, biodiversity is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used, maintaining ecosystem services, sustaining a healthy planet and delivering benefits essential for all people.”

© Paul Cliff

The promise

Whatever the challenge you are facing or concerned about, Curating Tomorrow will always work with you to help you enhance your impact through developing clear, focussed actions directed to meeting your challenges. Through these actions, you can be confident that you have played your part in trying to create a future that is better for you and those impacted by your work.

Working together

When I work with you, I will always be:

  • Respectful of you, your work and your context
  • Focussed and committed to helping achieve your success
  • Creative and imaginative, applying ideas, models and concepts from a wide range of fields to help with your success
  • Honest, trustworthy and discrete
  • Challenging and supportive, in equal measure

A values-based approach

Values are the way that we make sense of a complicated world and help us make decisions. They say who we are, what we care about, and what makes us us. Values are also a tool that can be used and applied to help organisations understand ‘who they need to be’ in particular situations for success. They are not a fixed thing, and there aren’t really ‘good values’ or ‘bad values’. All values can be positive in particular situations. Curating Tomorrow can help you work with values as part of the ‘mix’ to help you curate your tomorrow.